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Over 150,000 users in Africa and around the world trust Meye Protect antivirus.


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Malicious URLs blocked


Malware neutralized


Innovative product

Antivirus powered by artificial intelligence able to block advanced computer threats and stay unbeatable against computer viruses.



Intuitive, Lightweight and Ergonomic

Explore the world of data protection with Meye Protect, the ergonomic antivirus that offers an easy-to-access and highly intuitive user experience.



A complete set of tools to ensure your protection

Check out the numerous cybersecurity tools offered by your favourite tool.

Optimal internal protection

Proactively detect various threats and continuously monitor your device.

Smart Scanning and Analysis

Enhances Meye Protect's ability to detect and neutralize threats using intelligent and adaptive mathematical algorithms.

USB protection

Sécurise vos périphériques de stockage externes en décelant et en bloquant automatiquement les divers menaces.

Secure Navigation

Offers advanced Internet protection for total peace of mind.


Awarded and recognized by international organizations to offer you the best solution in cybersecurity

Over the past few years, the effectiveness of Meye Protect antivirus has been widely recognized and attributed by governmental institutions and international organizations.


A reliable and efficient solution

Try Meye protect, a robust and effective solution against various malware, phishing attacks and other computer threats that can pose a major risk to you and your loved ones.



Easy interface, but leading-edge technology

Elegant design and advanced technology give you a pleasant experience, no matter what device you choose.

Frequently asked questions

Common questions

To activate your antivirus, download and install a version of the software on your device. Click on 'Get a pro version' in the navigation bar, then insert your license key and confirm, if you encounter any problems during installation contact a member of our team or go to our YouTube channel and follow the installation steps.
To purchase a version of Meye Protect Antivirus go to the page 'buy now' and simply follow the required steps, we accept payment by VISA, Mastercard and other commonly used local payment systems.
The Android version is currently under development and will be available very soon. A release date will be communicated via our different platforms. The same goes for the macOS and iOS version.
All versions of Meye protect offer an automatic update adapted to your device, reducing your data consumption, just connect to an Internet network and an update check will be done according to your device and your connection speed.

To learn more about our FAQ and our different rules of use, contact Support Center


Giving you the protection you deserved

Find out how we protect your data with our detailed and transparent privacy policy, at Meye protect your security is our top priority.


Our Partners

We are honored to collaborate with national organizations such as government departments and cybersecurity industry leaders, working together to ensure that all of our users are protected in a way that is unmatched on the continent.

Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec le programme des Nations Unies pour le développement, PNUD
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Microsoft
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Ministère de la Défense du Cameroun, MINDEF
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Logitech cameroun
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec PocketRecovery, pocket recovery cameroun
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec ENIX computer
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec fly cameroun



They know they can rely on the antivirus leader in Africa to protect what is most important to them.



Many businesses in Africa and worldwide regardless of industry and size, choose Meye Protect antivirus to ensure the protection of their computers and banking transactions.


News on cybersecurity

Discover all the news about cybersecurity in Africa and in the world.

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Optimised protection for mobile devices

Get ready for a great mobile security experience, the Android version of our antivirus is coming soon offering cutting-edge protection at your fingertips. Stay tuned to be among the first to enjoy it

Soon available on Google Play